Excel Co-Authoring

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Hi all,

Is it realistic to think Co-Authoring will ever come to the Excel app? It's been on Word for a year and I understand the complexity, but it used to live on the roadmap and no longer does.

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I'm interested to see this too. Co-Auth works well within the Web app but the background lockout stops any decent Excel Desktop collaboration.


I can only assume this isn't an option because of the potential complexity of the formula/data/Connections involved.

That's fine and I agree it's more complicated, but is it off the table?

I emailed MS & they said should be released Q1 2017 PC & Mac

Thanks. I wish they'd add it to their roadmap.

Hi all,


If you want co-authoring and real-time collaboration in Excel 2016 (desktop) look at http://www.xlshare.net


This is available now and there is a free version to use. There is a video on website whcih demonstrates it's capabilities.


It is very simple to use. Should take less than a minute to install and doesn't require any additional software.



What version of Excel needs to be installed in order to do co-authoring?