Error opening excel file in excel online

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We couldn't open this workbook because this is a shared workbook. 


Any one have info around this error? 1 excel file our HR team uses heavily. hosted in sharepoint online document library. just started getting this error today.

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I have not seen that error yet eiter. Not sure if this is an Excel issue or OneDrive. 

Do all Excel files have this issue, or just this one file in that folder? 

If you create a new test Excel file in the same folder, will it work?


Trying to see where the issue might sit. 

best response confirmed by Olaf Hubel (Microsoft)

@Olaf HubelOlaf, it was just 1 file. After doing some more research on the notebook I found that it was a "Shared Notebook" that our HR team had been using for several years. I secured the data in the notebook and recreated it in SharePoint as a new 2016 non shared notebook and it resolved the issue. 

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