Decimal Places in Formulas

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When I put a formula into Excel, and the answer is less than 1, it displays "0".  I already have the cells set to two decimal places.  How can I get this to function correctly? 


Example: 10 divided by 50 returns "0.00". 

How can I get it to display 0.20?

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Can you show us either a sample of your spreadsheet or the exact formula you are using. The words look right, but I've seen people use the wrong function for that division.
What you should be entering into a cell for that division is =10/50
If that is what you're entering and you've formatted the cell for two decimals and are still getting 0.00 then it's a mystery. So upload a sample of your sheet.


Hi, thanks for your reply.  The formula I'm using is =QUOTIENT(C4,B4)

In the B4 cell I have the number 50, and in C4 I have the number 10.

10 divided by 50 is coming up 0.00 instead of 0.20.

In the attached screen shot, you can see that I have the decimal place set to hundredths.


Excel SS.jpg

@bryanmartin  Here's what Excel Help says about the Quotient function.


The fact is you're making this more difficult than it needs to be. The formula for division is far simpler. In this case it would simply be =C4/D4 and you'd see the result you're looking for (so long as you're formatted for decimal places).


For what it's worth, the basic math operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, do not need to be accomplished with Functions. The operators are +, -, *, and /   with multiplication's use of the asterisk the only one that we didn't learn in grade school. The functions are indeed powerful, but generally do more than basic math.


Wow, that was easy.  Thank you!