Clustered column tick mark issue

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I'm having an issue where the first and last columns on a clustered column chart disappear when I switch between tick mark modes on the horizontal axis. Also the axis labels do no line up correctly.

On Ticks.JPGbetween.JPG

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@glegar25 It looks like you have 11 data series in your graph instead of one data series. Excel is creating space for all eleven columns above each label even though only one column is shown. The reason the category labels are not aligned is that the horizontal position of the shown column changes due to the number of missing columns on each side of the one shown. The first column is to the left of the "1" label and the last column is to the right of the "11" label.


The reason the first and last columns disappear is that when you use the "on tick marks" option Excel aligns the label to the tick marks, which are in the middle of the space used for each category. Since the first column is so far to the left of the label, it gets cut off. Same for the last column.


The solution is to arrange your data so that you have one data series instead of 11. Then the labels will be under the center of each column.