Can you ask a filter to no show all results if less than X amount of rows?

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Hi, I'm working on a culture survey analysis for a client and I'm facing two things to solve. The first one is with a filtered table, for confidentiality I would like the results to be filtered if they'll be showing less than 10 rows/results. The second thing is similar (at least sounds that way) I have a dashboard with pivot charts and would like to limit the slicers results too (don't show if information is less than 10 rows/results). 
Can this be done? 
need info/help ASAP

Thank you beautiful people!


Using Mac BigSur 11.2.3 (20D91) and Excel 16.55

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Hi @NorbertoG 

With a helper column like Display below you can mark those not to be disclosed;




Use Power Query (Data: Get & Transform) to load that data table into a new table and exclude the records not to be disclosed.

Use the new table as source for your pivot table and insert a new slicer. 




Afraid Power Query won't work on Mac.

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Ah, thank you @Sergei Baklan

Then the data source may be dynamic, avoiding 'blanks' in the pivot table, by using a named range that adjusts to the filtered data by referring to




 where P5




thank you! will try it out as I'm moving forward offering a dashboard as a product with Culture Surveys now, keeping confidentiality is important here.
Sure is. You're welcome, and good luck
@bosinander I was able to put something together, now focusing on confidentiality. I opened a new post, would love to know your thoughts?