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Not only is the new Microsoft Edge great for teachers and students, but it’s also a great choice for IT professionals managing schools, districts, or higher education institutions. In this time of remote learning, Microsoft Edge provides tools and features to help make browser management easier.


To download Microsoft Edge1 offline packages, visit here.


Cross-platform and simple to manage

Microsoft Edge supports multiple platforms with settings that roam—apps are available1 for Windows 10/8/7, macOS, and mobile, so users can access Microsoft Edge across the devices they use daily. Manage the browser easily with familiar tools such as Intune for Education or Configuration Manager2 and use over 200 different policies to customize Microsoft Edge to fit a school or district's individual needs.


Secure by design

Security is foundational to the new Microsoft Edge. The browser can run in Application Guard for Windows 10, which isolates the browser from the OS in case of attacks from bad actors, and SmartScreen works to protect users as they browse the web. Microsoft Edge also supports Windows Information Protection to identify and separate work data while helping to prevent it from accidental or unauthorized disclosure.


Access older sites and modern ones

The new Microsoft Edge allows schools and districts to consolidate browsers with the new Internet Explorer mode. Sites that only work in Internet Explorer (and not on a more modern browser) can open right in the new Microsoft Edge, so users don’t need to leave the browser to access mission-critical, older sites.


Deployment assistance by FastTrack

If your school or district has 150 or more paid seats of eligible Windows 10 or Microsoft 365 services, they can receive remote guidance from FastTrack and site compatibility assistance from App Assure.


FastTrack provides remote guidance for deployment, browser configuration (via policies), and setting up Internet Explorer mode via an Enterprise Site List.


App Assure provides site compatibility assistance to help ensure that your sites work in the new Microsoft Edge. If your web apps or sites work on Internet Explorer 11, supported versions of Google Chrome, or any version of Microsoft Edge, they’ll also work with the new Microsoft Edge.


To submit a request for assistance (RFA), visit and sign-in here.


1 After installation, Microsoft Edge requires additional steps to configure for K-12 education. To understand these requirements or how to enable specific features, please visit see below or visit here.


2 Sold separately


Microsoft Edge Configuration Reference


Required steps to configure Microsoft Edge for K-12 education

After installation, Microsoft Edge requires additional steps to configure for K-12 education. To make sure K-12 education institutions have an ad-free Bing search experience in Microsoft Edge, and to understand these requirements, see below: 

  • For Microsoft Edge version 83 or higher (recommended) 
    • Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS 
    • Steps: For customers identified as EDU tenants by Microsoft, use the BingAdsSuppression policy when configuring Microsoft Edge. Steps are also included in the link if you need support with the policy. 
  • For Microsoft Edge version 79 or 80 
    • Not recommended for K-12 education. 

Additional requirements to enable Microsoft Edge features

Office 365 new tab page: Azure Active Directory (AAD) account and Office 365 required.

Microsoft Search in Bing: Azure Active Directory (AAD) account and Office 365 required. User must be signed into Bing with AAD account to use.


For more information on how to deploy Microsoft Edge, visit here.

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