Updates to Flipgrid: FlipgridAR, NEW Recorder, Immersive Reader Transcripts, and MORE!


On August 1st, we're releasing the all-new Flipgrid with tons of new updates and features including:

  • FlipgridAR (EARLY RELEASE: LIVE NOW): transform family nights, homework, school events, book reviews, Science Fairs, student art galleries, language classrooms, the entire school, ANYWHERE by “sticking” student voice everywhere with FlipgridAR codes. Find out more: blog.flipgrid.com/news/ar
  • Brand new Flipgrid Recorder: live inking, text and emoji stickers, unique video styles, whiteboard/blackboard mode, the ability to stitch together and rearrange unlimited segments, and more!
  • Immersive Reader Transcripts: the incredible Immersive Reader will be available on all Flipgrid Topic prompts AND with all Flipgrid video transcripts (which are automatically transcribed after videos are submitted by Microsoft Azure).
  • New Disco Library: grab launch-ready discussion prompt Topics from 1,000s of educators around the world AND new partner Topics from Code.org, Wonderopolis, Find Your Grind, MSN Kids, Microsoft HackingSTEM, Skype in the Classroom, and more!
  • These are just a few of the updates launching on August 1st: check out the summary and all the announcements from the FlipgridLIVE broadcast at blog.flipgrid.com/news/flipgridlive2019
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Can't wait for all the updates! Video transcripts and more Immersive Reader?! I'm in!  

And we also announced that later in fall, the Shorts camera will be coming as the default video recording tool for OneNote Online!


See this tweet for more details and a screenshot: https://twitter.com/mtholfsen/status/1143498902877954049