Teams for Education multi group removal

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We use SDS for teams education and have thousands of classes(groups). Many of which are never used. Is there a way to multi delete groups from the office portal GUI yet? I found power shell scripts but prefer the GUI.
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@Gareth Sellwood the UI support one by one removal. PS is the way to go for multiple. 

@jseghersMSFT Yes I'm aware, but how would I use powershell to remove 300+ selected groups that SDS created from a previous timetable? I know there is a script to delete unused groups but I don't want to delete them all, I need to select only some for specific subjects.


I really would rather not do that from the command line. A GUI multi-delete option is much more preferable, just like is available with users already.

@Gareth Sellwood is there anything these teams have in common? an attribute? name convention? If there is I can help you create a script that does that. I don't assume you would select 300+ teams one by one and then click delete?