Next Champions Call set for Nov 14th


Hello O365 Champions!  


Thank you to everyone who attended last month.  We are excited to hold our next Champion's call will proceed at both 8am and 5pm on November 14th.  Our agenda will include:


  • Review of O365 Tools publication
  • Review of Teams Adoption Hub 
  • SharePoint Best Practices for Communication Site Adoption

Use the following links to join our call: 


8am Pacific Call -

5pm Pacific Call -


We will monitor this forum in case any of you have difficulties.  Feel free to ask any questions in advance of our meeting.  Meeting materials will always be posted here shortly after the meeting but we hope you join us in person so we can get to know you. 


The team and I are excited about this community and all you have to share!  Talk to you on the 14th.

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Please add an ICS file to these announcements so that it is easier to add them to our calendars.
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Could you please plan on discussing any recommendations for implementing Naming conventions when creating new Teams. It is all too easy for separate people to create teams with very similar names. If another person gets added to both, they are constantly struggling and admins have to spend a lot of time investigating.

Can you discuss if there are any controls we can put in place for Team Owners. For example, as they are essentially a Site Collection admin for their Team site, it is possible they may accidentally change permissions and share the teams confidential files with "Everyone".
Being a working family guy in Europe, these two time slots are really difficult to attend. Would it be possible to add more times going forward to accommodate the global audience?

Hi, is there a way to watch the webinar later on? Will you make it available?

Thanks a lot

you can still access the recording of the original calls (they are Microsoft Teams live events) using the links in Karuana's original post.


I'd suspect that any subsequent calls will be similarly recorded.

Hello All - We will always record these meetings and publish the recording for people to view later. Thank you for the suggested topics and feedback on the time of the calls. One of the topics this week will be our program feedback survey. Please take a moment to fill this out so we can get good information from the community on your topics of interest, best times for our calls and other helpful curriculum development information. The link to the survey can be found at

Morning, is this going ahead?  I have logged in but still nothing happening...


survey link does not seem to work.  at least not for me.

The survey URL takes me to a different survey than what was shown.

The link above works for me now, but it's not the same URL that was shown in the presentation.

Works for me now too!  Thanks!

@Karuana Gatimu - Is there a link to the recordings? I unfortunately missed yesterdays call. 


We're in the process of trying to get a Champions program started at our company and any data helps. 


Do you have a recommend for some standard responsibilities that would help a potential Champion know what might be required of them?


Thanks in advance, 


@Karuana Gatimuplease listen to this recent podcast by @Andrew Connell and @Chris Johnson at in which they discuss some very important edge case problems with Guest Access in Teams. When I hear about real world problems like this, I am very reluctant to recommend this to my customers because I won't be able to provide the support that they expect.

@Karuana Gatimu Would you be sharing the presentation as well? I would love to re-purpose your content related to modernizing core scenarios. These are the most commonly faced challenges by users/teams and are applicable to most organizations. Great job!


May I please have the link to the recordings?

Thank you!

 @Karuana Gatimu - Need help! I've had a link to join the monthly champions call but it doesn't take me to anything; something about it not being on demand but I thought the link was taking me to the call.