MS Flow/Power Automate Template Engagement

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I'm new at a company and in charge of the M365 Collaboration stack of tools. I've found out here that hardly anyone is aware of the Power Platform and specifically no one is using Automate templates. I think this would be a great quick way to introduce the business to the power of the automation capabilities to streamline their day to day activities. Anyone have suggestions or strategies in introducing Power Automate templates to their orgs?

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@NWands You can deploy some of the commonly used templates to your team and let them know they are available.  There are quite a few that you can just tap a button and accomplish a task.  One of the popular ones that I've implemented is the template where you email the manager to let them know that you will be working from home.  Employees love it because the don't have to type an email, just open power automate and tap the button.

@Marsha_L When you say 'Deploy' - what do you mean by that? Just let them know they are available and point them to the Flow page? Did you do any enterprise wide campaign? Or just share the knowledge in your Team? Thanks - I appreciate the insight!