Choosing Adoption Metrics

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Hi All,


I am not sure if this is the right platform for my query. My question is regarding metrics that can be used to measure adoption.


My understanding of driving adoption is to work with users towards the right way of using the tools. Also, talking to different talent communities for various use cases where they can leverage O365 tools.


Quite often it becomes tough to show progress and impact that has been made based on our engagements with users. I am curious to learn what metrics are people using or if there is a different approach you have in mind that will be super helpful.




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What metrics to use will depend on what you want to achieve. General information on usage of Office 365 can be found in the Usage Analytics pack in PowerBI. Available for download for O365 administrators I think. There is a dashboard in there already pre-populated with main metrics, but with the help of PowerBi you can dive deeper into the details. It will give you information on the  number of users in each tool, how often they use it and  how they use it. 


Additionally we use questionaires in Forms to not only measure numbers but also people's perception on whether their work is becoming simpler and more efficient by using O365 - ultimately that is the goal we want to achieve. 

Thanks for your response Sandra!


There are 2 major work streams that we manage - Engagements and Evangelism. 


Engagements are either proactive or reactive and based on the use case there could a demo of a new capability or we work with the stakeholder on building a solution for their business problem(using the O365 tools). 


Evangelists are usually involved in 1 on 1 coaching or testing out new tools and exploring where can we use that capability in house. 


Right now we are tracking the number of engagements and get feedback from the teams we work with. However, we usually face challenges showcasing the impact that was made. 


Both engagement and service usage are valuable metrics but they are far outweighed by connecting your success to the actual process improvement or employee satisfaction measures.  In driving adoption our effectiveness must be measured on business terms, not solely the technology.  


By the end of October we will release our enhanced O365 Adoption framework.  A segment of that is the Outcomes Matrix which gives suggestions for other types of metrics and their application.  We'll discuss this at a high level in our October 17th O365 Champions call (you can join at OR you can wait here and we'll publish the pointers at the end of the month.  


By the way - this is absolutely the right place for your question!
Thanks Karuana!! I am part of the champions program and really looking forward to the call..