Champion Management Platform version 1.2 is now available!
Published Jul 22 2021 11:48 AM 3,680 Views

Version 1.2 of our Champion Management Platform is now available! You can find out more information on the platform itself here and view the GitHub code here to get started on your upgrade or new install!

What's new?


Single site for all resources

We have addressed lots of feedback about security and permissions, as well as standardized all the platform assets into one SharePoint site (ChampionManagementPlatform). Now after you complete the first run experience, all lists will be located in this one site instead of across multiple locations! This should help simplify access and permissions when enabling your organization to access the resources for the Champion Management Platform.

Manage Champion approvals directly from the app

Champion managers will notice a new option to manage approvals directly from the app homepage. From here, you can easily approve or reject new nominations for the program. You can still visit the MemberList to change the status of the champion from pending to approved.



New fields in the Event Track List

When Champions log their events through the Leader Board, Champion managers will also see the Champion Name and Event Name listed out in the Event Track List. This should help in reporting and quickly identifying and sorting events based on the actual name and event type when looking through the data.



We hope you take an opportunity to explore this update and continue to let us know your thoughts and ideas on what you would like to see us improve on this solution! The Champion community is one close to our hearts and thanks for everything you continue to do!



New Contributor

Love it. We're interested in customizable badges and graphics. Is that a convo happening already?


Yes it is. Stay tuned for more improvements as we exit summer and move into fall in the US.  You can already change the graphic for the initial badge but we are discussing the request we've had for multiple badge support and more.  We'll update our information here on the blog and in our Champion program community calls as well. 

Frequent Contributor

Kudos on the recent release! What can you share about suitability for use in the GCCH environment? 

Senior Member

It would be great if list changes or customisation came through to the dashboard.  Our Champions list does not need to know country, region etc but does need to know division, business unit etc or better still fully integrated with the people picker fields auto populate once they choose their name or email address. 

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