Why is microsoft EDGE SO BAD.

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It literally BEGS me for using it, Cant i deny/delete it? So safari is GREAT, CHROME IS GREAT, EVEN OPERA IS BETTER THAT EDGE. After every update- THE INTERFACE RESETS MY DEFAULT BROWSER TO MS EDGE. AND SAYS it Is the ''Recommended browser for Windows by Microsoft'' ABSOLUTE CRAP.

Why are you forcing me to USE IT? LIKE SERIOUSLY?

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You have to let US THE CONSUMER Customize everything. LIKE WHAT ON EARTH?


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So I don't know which version of Windows you are using but if you are using Windows 10, you can report this issue as a bug in the feedback hub app. You need to try to do this because I think the issue is on Windows' side rather than on Edge's side.




Windows behavior is correct!

Updates often make default settings intentionally!

You can change this after updating the Windows system!

I could similarly rate the browsers that you mentioned as useless - for me for many reasons, but these are my private ratings!

I would add that synchronization of microsoft account after the update is thanks to Edge, not by Safori, not by Chrome!

I would add that the new edge is a light browser with great parameters!

Good luck

@TheShaunSaw mate i have updated it a million times I dont think its a bug.

Mate, my concern is the UI Changing my settings everytime, I cant obviously update the settings all the time, And what do you mean by parameters? Scattered settings literally copying other browsers, and doesn't let me uninstall the thing? or well disable it. And the fact that I cant turn of the live news updates. ITS HARD TO FIND THE SETTINGS.


Thank you for your reply!
now I know that you have a problem with personalization of edge settings!
It's really worth entering your own settings - which even after the update work well and are not changed automatically to the default!

Hey. all the settings in microsoft edge are very transparent and easy to find. Maybe you're not even trying to find and you want everything in front of your eyes automatically.
And I'm using Edge (the latest version in my time) and not facing any such issue where I update my browser and my settings go to defalut. So I can't help you with that.
You can try google chrome though, which by giving you a nice UI steals all your data (more than microsoft, we all know) and is slower than Edge (noticable if you have a slow internet) and eats up all your RAM.
It's totally up to you which you prefer.

idk why it is so bad but it is so i am going to quit it and start using Brave which is actully good, so i would tell u too to switch to Brave it is good and iam not advertising. >:I

@Mukund23821 firefox can reverse engineer this

@Mukund23821You can use revo uninstaller to uninstall it: https://www.revouninstaller.com/start-freeware-download/



Safari is ok, and so is Opera. But Chrome is not great. It was great when it was realeased and was great for about a couple of years. But Chrome is the worst browser in the world right now. It's like having a granny peeking through the curtains from the apartment across the street when you are taking a shower. Or like drinking milk that's gone off use-by-date with several weeks. Or like turning up to your doctors office because your sick, but the doctor ignores you, and suddenly has even left the building. Or like turning your last underwear inside out to avoid your imaginary skid marks from the day before becasue you forgot to put on a wash. Or like drinkning a way too hot coffee at 3pm from a pot that's been standing on the coffee machine since 8am. Want to know my opinion about the Google Chrome browser? I'd rather cut my stomach open while naked in front of a pack of extremely hungry dogs in an abandoned allyway with no means of escape. Enjoy your Chrome.

How about you guys use mobile browser and stop promoting browsers instead, problem fixed