Vertical Tabs prevents Edge Canary 103.0.1250.0 from launching


Using Canary with Vertical Tabs with Edge Canary 103.0.1250.0 prevent Edge from launching.


Vertical tabs work fine until the browser is closed/restarted.  At that point, Edge no longer loads.  On a clean profile with Horizontal Tabs, closing/restarting the browser works fine.

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Thanks @ahpatel, too bad i saw your post too late, I just updated and can confirm the problem :grinning_face_with_sweat:

Running into the same issue.  Any fix?

There's an easy fix and a difficult fix. The easy fix is to uninstall and reinstall Canary to roll yourself back to an older version. We've pulled the build with this crash, so if you don't delete your user data when you do the reinstall, everything should just work.


If you don't want to do that, you can manually edit your preferences file to turn off vertical tabs. In your profile folder, open up the Preferences file and in the vertical_tabs structure, change "opened" to false:



Note that if you had vertical tabs in use in multiple profiles, you'll need to do that for all the profile folders, not just Default.  

Unfortunately, there's also a complication if you were restoring tabs from your previous session.  If the setting in edge://settings/startHomeNTP is set to open with your previous tabs, you'll need to temporarily be without them since session restore also restores this preference.  To do this, in the same folder as the Preferences file, rename the Sessions folder to something like Sessions_old, and then with those two edits in place, you should be good to go. We've already got a fix prepped for this, so tomorrow's Canary will be able to use the old session folder again. And in the meantime, hopefully something like your synced tabs from other devices will be able to restore some of your session temporarily, since the recently closed data in History is also part of the session, and thus will be blank since you're using a new session as part of this workaround.

That works too. I ended up setting a registry entry to disable Verticals tabs, opened Edge Canary, changed the registry setting again then re-opened Edge. I usually leave Edge open so hopefully this won't be too bad of a workaround either until the fix tomorrow.

@josh_bodner I have done this:"Preferences file and in the vertical_tabs structure, change "opened" to false". But it's still not working. I clicked the edge canary icon, it does not start.

Today's Canary should have the fix for this, although there's another crash we're tracking in it. Can you go into your %localappdata%\Microsoft\Edge SxS\Application folder and see if your Canary has received today's update to 103.0.1253.0? There should be a folder with that version number if it has.

@josh_bodner Yes, I see 1253.0 in that folder.


Is the new crash you're tracking also related to vertical tabs or is it safe for me to re-enable vertical tabs?

The other crash was caused by something different, and both are fixed now, so you can re-enable vertical tabs.