[Updated] Dev channel update to is live



Hi everyone, just a quick note to say that we deployed a new build to the Dev channel today for Windows only. This corrects an issue with our digital signature that prevented Microsoft Edge from working on Windows 10 S and caused some people to see an "unverified publisher" or similar message. There are no other changes in this update. 


Thanks! -David




Hello insiders, it’s back to normal this week!  Today we’re releasing build to the Dev Channel, and we have a significantly smaller change list today.  Some of the most noteworthy changes include:


New functionality:


  • Added new logging features to feedback submission. If you click the diagnostic data link on the feedback submission popup, you now have the option to attach additional files like screenshots you’ve taken, as well as reproduce the problem to provide more robust logging. 
  • Added the ability for Collections items to be reordered with the keyboard.
  • Added a management policy to allow history syncing for work or school accounts.


Improved stability:


  • Fixed an issue where favorites weren’t syncing.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping items on certain internal pages like Favorites sometimes causes the item to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting a Collection to Word sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Improved reliability when signed into the browser with a work or school account.
  • Improved the reliability of starting Application Guard sessions.


Improved behavior:


  • Fixed an issue where certain context menu commands for tabs like “Reopen closed tab” went missing.
  • Fixed an issue where webpages installed as apps don’t launch.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to open a PDF in an Application Guard window will fail if there are no other Edge windows open.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser’s profile image sometimes isn’t updated if it’s changed in the backing account.
  • Fixed an issue where tabs with the Find on Page popup open sometimes have the popup closed when they’re moved to different windows.
  • Fixed an issue where opening an app from the Apps page closes the apps page.
  • Fixed an issue where the Read Aloud bar sometimes appears transparent.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to open multiple Collections items in a new window opened each item in a separate window.
  • Fixed an issue where the context menu inside a Collection isn’t dismissed when a new context menu is brought up outside of Collections.


As always, thank you for all your suggestions and feedback! 


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@josh_bodner The media player button introduced a few updates ago has been missing from my bar for a week or so. Has it been removed or is this a bug?


Synchronization doesn't work. Displays only: "Connection to the synchronization server cannot be established. Re-trial is in progress...".



Thanks for the update!

I have an issue since like 3 weeks, Discord server icons appear now as squares instead of their original shape. Seems like there's an issue with the <meta> tag rendering. No problem on other browsers.

@MarsMas Glad there's already a bug report.


Within 12 hours of using this build, already 2 sites have vertically flipped text (Google Sheets & OneDrive). Ironically, taking a screenshot fixes the bug. 


Likewise, it's not limited just to the dino page, FWIW, but any webpage seemingly.


I've submitted this issue as well via the Smiley.



@ikjadoon By the way , this bug is not there in Canary Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)



Sync works for me for both work and school accounts on Dev and Canary.

However, the new policy seems to do nothing as far as enabling history sync goes.

I believe the new one is called "Enable history data to sync across a user's devices...". Enabling it does nothing for me, history remains greyed out.

@josh_bodner when I open wego.here.com the maps render fine, if I go to another tab then back the whole map just FLIPS, try it and see for yourself, very weird bug.

@markyyy999  Mine didn't update but everything seems to work fine. It just when I first start it up I have to give it web cam aproval,like EVERY time.

@fgondorf that's expected, history sync itself isn't available yet.  The policy was just allowing it once we have it.  

@uptightgnome we moved it behind a feature flag while the feature is still in progress.  You can enable it here:  edge://flags/#global-media-controls.  

@markyyy999 Yeah, I just reproduced that. Super weird.

Anybody had their Edge profile icon reset repeatedly on this build? Every day, on both of my machines running this build and did not have this bug prior to this build, the profile icon is reset back to my Microsoft account every day.


I set it back to one of Edge's built-in icons, this profile picture lasts for a few hours, and then it's back to the Microsoft account image.


I wonder if this is a syncing bug, somehow.

Have you checked out the new update to I think you will be happy with the results. They upgraded on a lot of the prior issues and the performance. Also, read up on everything that was accomplished.

@PhillyTom Oh, gosh, haha, thank you, Tom. 


Yes: that "bug" was fixed a few builds ago, actually. My apologies for not following up in this thread. Now, if you sign in with a Microsoft account, you cannot customize your avatar within Edge: it just goes to the Microsoft account page, where it should be.


I'm on at the moment and it's much better. A few lingering bugs, but it's definitely much better than the 78 branch was for me, personally.