SS40: save files, rename, add tags, send to terminal, etc. faster for datahoarders and not

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Suggestion (SS): 40 Classification: DATAHOARDING


On Vivaldi i see different people posting other suggestions related to hoarding, so i decided to post here my other suggestions too (part 1, even if i know not all users will use it.


I know that such suggestions can be reached (or at least in some parts) via scripts, extensions, terminal or macapps and are not the main focus of browsers.  Said that, if you are interested read the post, otherwise skip it. I give you simply ideas, and such ideas are really hoarding focused. I know that this is maybe not legal for all websites too. those are just ideas.


First we start with a feature that i never discovered before


and after trying it i discovered in opera for mac we need to use option. i tried on edge and is not supported


2) i already talked about overlay button with both integration to mac or to onedrive as destination, or save to different folders in right menu, or drag drop download, or other another option would be to add a download button below each video and photo, no matter where.


3) about a smart select feature i already reported you before. Implemented on datahoarding activities means select 20 links and download all pdf at the same time (or other files).


4) a feature to detect images, document, movies, pdf in the site and download all that at once, or download only pdf for example. About images, would be better to download the full image, and not small pictures.


5) maybe add both option save to mac and open pdf in tab 


and maybe using a different destination, so download to /user/blabla/pdf and maybe sorted by source website. in such way we can directly read the paper too, and if needed we can copy that to other clouds directly



once you implement the suggestion of importing in onedrive


or you can directly integrate an option save to onedrive and to mac at the same time.


6) a way to copy a single link to a list and then copy the whole url in this list (this doesn't mean to use edge collections). once we are done we could use such lists to download files via other web apps, or mac app or terminal


7) a way to submit url to terminal directly, by adding specific terms (example so we can manually add terms for wget, youtubedl, etc.. once we visit a page, we click right click or on the menu bar and select send to terminal and then we select wget or ytdl, or other. 


8)integration of 7 for 6)


9) if i select 10 tabs an option to copy urls and maybe add support for 7) or 4)


10) a way to save 


such things to favorite without need to use bookmarks. in such way we know exactly where we get such files if someone ask us where we get that. 



the problem is that files show such metadata, but a lot of times is missing.


11) about 10) the feature of yesterday



can help too. 

12) a way to autorename all downloaded files, example if i use macuser A edge profile B i want on all my files a name like " xxx - macA edgeB"

13) renaming can be used for other goals too, like add the title of the post to the pdf, the url, or other information. 

14) smart macos auto tags: we configure specific rules "like from website xx add tag xx" and add tag macA and edgeB too (related to 12.)

15) optionally add comments, but tags are much more useful.

16) like 5) an option to download files by source urls in specific folders.

17) torrent support like coccoc (i already reported that as comment in another post)

18) integrated vpn (same here)


I copy the wish of another user here too










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Integrated VPN is not necessary when there are thousands of VPN extensions.
majority of the things suggested above can be achieved with extensions too, no need to add everything to Edge and make a heavy bloated slow browser.


there is no need to use any of them at all. the forum lets you link a text to a URL (if shortening is the goal) or just paste the actual link, it's also safer and the user can know where they are going. 


@Kam wrote:
@HotCakeXBut that's what edgesuggestions does. :(

I know. I'm talking about alternative ways that exist.

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