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Thanks for your feedback requesting the ability to sign in with a consumer Google account. From what we’re hearing, you’d like the ability to bring over data from Chrome, use your Google services and keep Microsoft Edge and Chrome in sync. 


While we recognize this need, we’re currently focused on creating great 1st party account experiences with your Microsoft account and Work or School account. We appreciate the feedback around supporting signing in with other providers such as Google and will be taking this under consideration.  One option available to you now would be to create a new Microsoft Account using your @gmail address, which would allow you to use a single user identifier across the various services you use. 


Today, you can import your data from Chrome by going to edge://settings/importData for a one time import. You can also sign into Google websites and remember your password in Microsoft Edge to reduce the number of times you need to sign into these websites. And you can access your Microsoft Edge data on the go by signing into Microsoft Edge with a Microsoft account and syncing with Microsoft Edge Mobile apps and Microsoft Edge on other devices 


We will keep you updated as we further explore support for other sign-in providers in Microsoft Edge as well, it is on our roadmap. 

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Thank you....tried that. Not accepted.
"Thank you....tried that. Not accepted."

then reset your PC and next time make sure to select the correct account and sign in info so you won't be locked out of your system
"I used Microsoft Edge with the G-Suite and everything works!! Even some of my classmates/teachers used it as well!! I can't see why you need chrome."

correct, you don't need it anymore.
"Yes...I tried all passwords and nothing is accepted. I tried to reset the password but I don't have a disk for the wizard.
Is there another way to get into my desktop? Thank you for helping me
...much appreciated!"

Resetting your PC.
Why you use Google to sign into Windows? you don't use Microsoft account to sign into Chrome/ChromeOS/Android.
everything has its own place.
I dont' think he needs to reset his pc sinc ehe was able to reset his password. It is just he is using outlook with a local domain with his internet provider. There seems to be issues with that.

It could be a keyboard driver issue though
Hopefully it's just a keyboard drive issue
Yeah, I hope so too but he is going to send it to the technician tomorrow, hope they can fix it :)

Well it seems that he can't seem to connect to microsfot support since his email account cna't be found. Very strange but hope it all works out :)

Could fix it personally with a reset
They already tried to reset the computer but I think that the windows is corrupt and doing that wont' help. You need to do a fresh copy of windows but it seems that this is just too annoying to fix for him to just go to the pros and fix it there. That sounds more reasonable.
Windows has cloud download reset feature, it's just an assumption that Windows is corrupted, not necessarily true, but even if that's the case, cloud download will take care of it.
How to reinstall or reset Windows 10 via the Cloud download option
Not me though. I use google meet & mail & doc a lot
That's cool, you can keep using them or any other services.
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nothing now
Hello everyone, just to let you know that recently Google has announced it will stop all syncing on Chromimum browsers. :"

So taht means even if Micorsoft implents this, it won't work since Google removed it. So this discusion is basicaly over.

Thanks and havea greta day!

@Elliot Kirk so i guess i just go back to google at work, who at least allows sync to work. is it not a god given right to sync your bookmarks and tabs? when ms almost gets me convinced, they give me the finger. if your email account is in AAD, you will not be able to sync it unless you pay dearly for the privilege. You need to have Azure Information Protection for Office 365. Here is the list of acceptable licenses that work to have your browser sync.  hey Microsoft i cant breathe!!  @HotCakeX  maybe im missing something, maybe there is another thread on this

@Elliot Kirk 

From what I understand by reading this post, I think this can be a really great feature as I browse from Microsoft Edge on the desktop, because Google Chrome is worse in literally every field, and on android I use Google Chrome because the Microsoft Edge android app is (sadly) quite bad comparatively. So I use two different browsers on a daily basis and since they are completely different, none of my data is getting synced. Sure, I can transfer my saved passwords, bookmarks/favorites and history from Chrome but it is a manual, time-consuming, one-time process. Once I have new data I'll have to sync between them again, and again. What I want is for Chrome and Edge to regularly sync data between each other such that whatever I browse in Chrome gets updated in my Edge history, or whichever password I save, or webpage I favorite - gets saved or favorited in Edge too. This will be really useful and productive for someone like me who prefers to use different browsers on desktop and phone; and I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world who does that. Just like Edge comes pre-installed with Windows, Chrome comes pre-installed on Android phones so it makes sense that many people would continue to use Chrome on their mobile phones.

However, I think if it's possible to somehow keep Edge and Chrome in sync without having to sign-in to Edge with Google account, it'll be benificial, as I would have my MSA profile picture displayed and Microsoft Rewards points in track. Further, Google is basically a third-party service in this case, and I don't trust it that much.
Or if doing that isn't possible then Google should also introduce the ability to sign in to Chrome with Microsoft account parallelly when Edge introduces the similar kind of ability for signing in with Google account.

I just wanted my phone and all my apps and pictures all to be where I need any time,.You have been most helpful. THANK YOU...Cathy Roberts
just bought this used laptop and wanted more space .other than my phone trying to do any kind of creating. Im not so smart when it comes to trying to figure this computer stuff,been about 3 years being on a pc so trying to catch up.