New second row of Quick Links - Two rows may not be enough and other suggestions


First of all,

Thanks to the Edge team for adding a second row of quick links to the new tab page. I did not see any news about the feature but after digging around in the settings drop down on the new tab page, I was able to find the way to show the second row. 

Now that this is there, it feels like we are at least on the right track with customizing the new tab page's speed dial functionality. However, it still is not as rich as what you can get out of Fire Fox or Vivaldi. 


Don't Limit The Number Of Rows? 


Take for example my own custom new tab page (this I made for myself using Blazor). It has most of the same look and feel of the edge new tab page, except for one key difference - you can have as many rows of quick links as you want. Obviously, the page will grow as you add more than 4-5 rows, but with the way both Vivaldi and FireFox can accommodate so many, I am used to having all of my bookmarks on my new tab page. 


Obviously, the trade off with having an unlimited number of rows is that the news content loses its spot. I personally never use the news content, so it is not an issue for me. None the less, if you were to allow a user to have as many quick links as they wanted, then maybe it would be better to put them inside a container that can have scroll bar if it grows beyond a certain number of rows. That way the quick links would not potentially overlap with the news content.


Use Favorites for storing QuickLinks 

The other thing that the new tab page is that it uses some hodge-podge of the top sites and tiles stored with the user data or elsewhere on the users' device. The problem with this is that this storage tends to be erratic with Chromium browsers. Also, if you have more than one computer with Edge on it, you'll quickly find out the quicklinks do not transfer via sync... at least they do not from what I have found. Every time I sign into Edge on a new computer (I tend to do this a lot since I mess with VMs a lot and/or use a fresh profile for ASP.NET development), the Quick Links are reset to default. 


I think it would make more sense to specify a node in the bookmarks / favorites collection of the user and use those as the source of the quick links. This would allow the user to configure their top sites more easily since they can use pre-existing favorites and since favorites synchronize, the user would not have to reconfigure their quick links on more devices. Vivaldi already does this.

Anyways, hopefully this gets taken into consideration. And if anything, else, I just wanted to let you know that your work is appreciated! 



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