Microsoft Edge Background for New Tab

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I really enjoy the new-ish feature with the random daily backgrounds for the New Tab window. However my feedback and question is there a way to get a background back once you have accidentally selected "Not a fan" of one? The Not a fan selection is so close when you open the selection menu that I have now incorrectly selected more than 5 backgrounds that I did really enjoy. I would love either a Back button or for the Like it/Not like it options to be switched. Since I'm assuming that the system will take into consideration what we have selected as Liked/Not liked and give us more options based on that, I want to make sure I am being accurate. 


I know its a small thing, however I enjoy it and look forward to seeing what background I get each day! I have even started adding places to my travel list based on a few pictures! Thank you!

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Arrived here from a Google search. This seems like a pretty terrible UX design to be honest — you start with a button-looking element that says "Like this background?", but when you hover over it, it expands to a panel that places the "Not a fan." option right under your mouse cursor. So if you move the cursor to "Like this background?" and click without waiting for the panel to expand (e.g., because you didn't know it was going to expand), you immediately select the wrong option.