Media Playback Speed not adjustable

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Using the Dev branch, I can change the player speed from the websites, but nothing seems to actually change the speed.  Using PocketCasts, Youtube, and other sites, I try to use either the Video Speed Controller plugin for Chrome or the built-in playback speed controls.  No matter what I set the speed to, it still plays at 1x.


Edit: PocketCasts and Youtube seem to work now using the built-in controls, but I still can't use the "Video Speed Controller" extension or similar to change playback speed for most video sites. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu - those all work well in other browsers, but not in Edge Chromium Dev.

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@Peter Schott Probably the same reason their is no longer media autoplay?

@Rip_6583Got me. I just noticed that I can't adjust the speed. I can do that in Firefox, Edge (not Chromium), and Chrome, but can't do it in the latest Edge Dev builds.  This seemed like a good place to raise the issue for discussion, though I probably need to file on github or something.  Was wondering if anyone else noticed it.

Hi @Peter Schott, I have reached out to the teams that work on media and on extensions to see what we can do here.  Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, and for trying the preview channel of our browsers.

@Peter Schott, this should be fixed now, can you please update to this week's Developer update and try it out?

@Elliot KirkIt works. There's a small stutter/pause as it adjusts to the speed for Amazon. For Hulu, it played the audio at the newer speed, but took quite a while for the animation to catch up. I had to pause/restart for that to work.  But - it does adjust the speed of playback.


Thank you for confirming @Peter Schott, does it tend to work better on Chrome still?

@Elliot KirkIt seems to respond more quickly in Chrome/FF.  When I update the playback speed, in those it takes effect immediately. Edge/Chromium has a delay before it updates the speed or perhaps stalls the video while increasing the audio until I pause/refresh.  Edge does eventually play at my new speed, but it's not smooth to get there.