Horizontal Tab bar vanishes on browser window restoration in version 101.0.1210.2




Currently on Version 101.0.1210.2 on Windows 10 21H2 19044.1620 I sometimes see the horizontal tab bar completely vanish on window restoration. This tends to happen after wake. The workaround fix is to toggle between tree and horizontal view to restore visibility of my tabs.


This started happening very recently with Version 101.0.1210.2 on dev branch.


I don't have steps to reproduce other than clicking an open Edge window to restore it on my taskbar. 

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Yep - I reported that too. I do exactly the same as you go get out of it.

Screenshot of aforementioned issue

Just happened again on today's update - 102.0.1213.0.
The invisible tab bar is a known issue that we're working on. It happens when a tab updates its title while the window is minimized, and anything that causes the tab bar to repaint (like opening a new tab) will fix it.