Edge only restore one window with tabs

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Edge do not restore all windows and tabs, only a single windows with all tabs from only that window.
After more than year, not gonna lie I'm starting to lose it

Video Edge not restoring windows - YouTube

Also your forum is broken I tried to post, didn't work due to an iframe not support, so I tried again once it was fixed, "Post flooding detected"... No comment

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If you close windows with the X, then the last window you close is the only one that's going to be restored, and I suspect that closing windows via the Jump menu is the equivalent of closing all windows one by one with the X.

Instead, if you go to Edge's ... menu and use the "Close Microsoft Edge" option, do all your windows get restored on the next launch?

@josh_bodner I did not know about that option, but due to my servers running on my pc I almost never close my windows anyway, except during crashes, driver updates, windows update, power outage or stuff like this.

And when these happen the issue will still be there, waiting for me so hopefully remember to re-open all my tabs.

You also can set Edge to open with your previous session in edge://settings/startHomeNTP if you haven't done that yet.
Already done, this is why it brings back one window with tabs, but not all windows