Bring back the "Vertical tabs hide title bar" flag

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Please bring back the option in edge://flags to hide title bar in vertical tabs mode! I was by a long time searching by a browser that have that function because 2 lines of bars on the top of the browser like in the horizontal tabs mode takes so much space, much more when it has a lateral tab bar, so i prefer the url toolbar together with title bar and window close/minimize/maximize buttons. All top buttons in the same bar saves a lot of useful space! The only browser i know with url toolbar on the title bar is safari from mac, so if you know a chromium-based one, or just focused on windows 10, tell it in a awser! Thank you developers  and users for the attention, if you agree that it have to come back, help this reach the developers!

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What do you mean bring back? it hasn't gone anywhere.
Latest Edge has it. version 91.0.842.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

Really? Ok then. I thought it was gone because I looked in beta 90.0.818.22, when it didn't exist yet. Thanks for the answer!
I am new in edge insider forum, can you help me how to close this discussion, or to delete it?
You're welcome, when a new flag is added to Edge, it first shows up in the canary channel, then after some times goes to Dev channel, then Beta.
you've marked a comment as answer so that's enough, hope you enjoy your stay here :)