Allow removal of "Connected to Windows" accounts from Edge profiles

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I love being able to create multiple profiles for the various accounts and services I have to use, I am now up to 7. It's great to be able to separate them and just utilize sso to do what I need without constantly having to login to each admin console.


The problem is that every once in a while, my "Connected to Windows" account get associated with a profile and it becomes a royal nuisance. The only way I have seen to fix it is to delete the profile and start over and that hasn't always worked.


On any profile, you can "Sign-Out" or "Sign-Out and Forget" a non-Connected to Windows account. I would like to see the option to "Remove from this Profile" option for the Connected to Windows account.


It would also be great if when setting up a new profile there was a more streamlined process to add a work account that won't let the company manage the pc and is only for this application. Perhaps after adding one work account to Edge, the default should be reversed?

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@tboggs Thanks for that feedback!


Since I'm not as familiar with the intricacies of profile connections between MSFT Edge and Windows, I'm looping in our Profile area owner,  @Avi Vaid, to review this as well.


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Thanks for the feedback, we've heard this from other users too. Re: the connected to windows accounts, we are working to remove this but since it is cross group collaboration, it may take a while. We eventually would like to just sign you in with the profile account. 


Re: Adding an account only to the app, if you select the "This app only" option in the sign in flow where you are asked to manage the device, the account won't be added to the computer and nor will your device get managed.

This is still an issue. When using multiple profiles signed in with Office 365 accounts, it still shows the one connected to windows. This makes it really easy to mess things up, like managing office 365 when your main account has some admin permissions and a secondary account has full permissions. Even when you launch your secondary profile, you get prompted for 'which account' you want to use... and I always seem to click the wrong one. Is there any setting for -not- passing through the 'connected to windows' accounts per profile? If not, what's the best place to up vote feedback?


This is really admin unfriendly, it makes me irrationally upset everytime i try and use my admin profile for admin tasks but Edge decides to use my Windows login details as the default. I get that this is nice for the majority of end users who are interested in syncing browser data with Microsoft but haven't we Administrators suffered enough? (its been a long day)

This is exactly my use case. I also need this fixed.

@tboggs I'm having this same issue too. Any updates on this error from Microsoft?

My environment is slightly different, but same result.


We migrated from one 365 tenant to another.

Now the old accounts cannot be removed from the client PC.


I can connect to the old account through the "Manage" option in Windows Email & Account Settings, but I cannot find anywhere to remove the PC. Only "Deactivate."

This seemingly does nothing to the 365 accounts in Windows Email & Account Settings.


I have profiles in Edge for my work account and then about 20 customer M365 Admin profiles and this habit of signing in with the locally connected account (mine) is really annoying.

Please fix so that the profile can ONLY know about the account we actually sign it in with.

It's really annoying and a huge time waster.

I agree, this is a daily nuisance for me to. It's annoying to need to select the right account for every new tab you open (that uses Azure AD as IdP), but in some scenarios I am automatically logged in with my Windows Account in a profile dedicated to a customer. That can lead to bad things. Please let us hide the Connected to Windows account in Edge profiles.

Hi @Avi Vaid. Is there a way that you know of that we can track progress on this issue?

Right on the 2nd bit - but if you accidentally leave the check box - then there is no way out!
I have about 12 different accounts to manage and all it takes is one time to miss that check box - and boom! Now how do I get this account NOT connected to windows! Or how do I change the account? I do have an account I would prefer - but when I tried to leave that manage checkbox on purpose for that account - it gave an error - could not do it! (so presume cannot switch/change either). This is really ugly. There is some way - I managed to do this one time before - same issue - and after enough searching - there is a way to get it out of there - but it's not easy or obvious!
This is an adoption blocker for me. It's such a time waster and issue generator that I'd rather use private mode than having to switch logins all the time.
This is probably my #1 dislike about Edge at the moment - not being able to remove the "Connected to Windows".
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