Interim guidance on time zone updates for Norfolk Island, Australia

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Microsoft is aware of the upcoming time zone change for the Norfolk Island, Australia.


  • Daylight saving time (DST) in Norfolk Island, Australia will start at 02:00 on the first Sunday in October of the current year — that is, October 6, 2019. It will end at 03:00 on the first Sunday in April of the following year — that is, April 5, 2020.
  • This schedule (first Sunday in October through the first Sunday in April) will be maintained for each calendar year thereafter.


 Our official policy statement can be found at .

Though we plan to release a data update, there is insufficient lead time before this change goes into effect. To assist customers, we are offering the following interim guidance as a temporary workaround until such an update can be properly created, tested, distributed, and installed.


Interim Guidance:

We recommend customers temporarily set their time zone to “(UTC+12:00) Coordinated Universal Time+12” on or after the DST start time (October 6th, 2019 at 2:00 AM local time). Selecting this time zone will reflect the correct current local time. Events that have occurred it the past before the update, will not show correctly. We recommend returning to “(UTC+11:00) Norfolk Island” after the update.

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I think that the last sentence of the statement should read: ....returning to "(UTC+11:00) Norfolk Island" after the update


@Peter_Hughson , thanks for pointing that out! Changed it. 

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Hi Microsoft, we implemented a Daylight Saving Time on the Norfolk Island Council Network and the Hospital network for Win7 & Win10. It’s working ok in terms of calendar appointments which were an initial concern for users when using UTC+12. We have used a registry update with UTC+11 and a one hour offset and month/date settings as per legislation requirements based on looking at other existing Timezone configurations. Looking forward to your patch though. 

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