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Happy World Spreadsheet Day!!!


Try your hand at a space-themed visualization challenge, using the same data set at aka.ms/BaseData as we saw with trivia. @Bill Jelen, โ€œMrExcel,โ€ offers three questions for your perusal. Choose one (or more) to visualize, or show us something awesome and unexpected with the wildcard challenge!


Post your answer as a new post in the Day of Data discussion space with the question youโ€™re answering, a screenshot of your visualization, and a link to your Excel workbook. โ€œLikeโ€ the visualizations others have posted that you think are super cool! The best visualization for each question (chosen using a combo of judging panel and popular vote) gets a shout-out from Microsoft and Charles Simonyi, the father of Excel and two-time space tourist.


Challenge questions:

  1. Show the number of astronauts who have launched on each launch vehicle. Your visualization should include at least the top three spacecraft that carried humans to space. Bonus: which spacecraft was most prevalent for crewed missions in each decade from 1960's to 2020's?
  2. Show the nationalities of astronauts who have visited the International Space Station. By country, show the total number of human-days on the ISS for each country. This only includes time spent at the ISS, not other space stations such as Skylab or Mir. Simplifying assumption: Assume the space travelers arrive at the ISS on the day after they launch.
  3. Show the distribution of human-days in space by decade. This includes all crewed spaceflights and stays at the Moon or any space station including Mir, Skylab, and the ISS. Optionally, add interesting Filters such as gender, launch site, astronaut nationality. Consider a way to show the 20 years of continuous space presence. 
  4. Wildcard! Show us an interesting or surprising insight!


The challenge will run from October 17th 12am PDT to November 2nd 11:59pm PST. For more information, check out the blog post on the Day of Data visualization challenge. Good luck!


Note: If you have any trouble accessing the data set, try our alternate location at https://aka.ms/BaseDataAlternate or use the file attached to this post. Thanks to the folks who let us know they were having trouble opening the file!



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Hii have tried one of the spreadsheet called space traveller made it easier which give more informations https://hattikaapi-my.sharepoint.com/:x:/g/personal/shiaz_asif_hattikaapi_in/ETSgQo2cU9FFtbP2h42JB84...

@Sharon910I have a couple of clarifying questions:


For viz challenge 1, would the top 3 spacecraft include ties for carrying the same number of astronauts. For example, if the second-highest number of astronauts carried by a single spacecraft was seven, should we include all spacecraft that carried seven astronauts or just one of them?


Could you please clarify the term "human-days"? If 2 astronauts from the same country visited the ISS at the same time on the same mission and were each onboard for 24 hours, would that count as 1 human-day or 2 human-days?


Thank you.



I have a couple of questions:


When showing the most prevalent spacecraft for each decade, should we include ties (e.g., two spacecraft with the same number of crew members/missions)?


Could you please define human-days? If two two astronauts from the same country visited the ISS on the same mission and were onboard the station for 24 hours, would that count as 1 human-day or 2 human-days?


Thank you.

@ExcelNovice517 For a tie - go either way. Either show the top 3 or all of them. (I can picture some dashboards that only have room for 3).  For the human-days.... if you have 7 people on board the space station, 3 Russians, 2 Americans, 1 Canadian, and 1 from Japan, then it counts as 3 human-days for Russia, 2 for USA, 1 each Canada and Japan.

@Bill Jelen 

Thank you for the clarification.

@Sharon910 Why I can't open the data file?

It says I can't open the book

Also having problems opening the files - really excited to take a look at this so hoping someone can provide an alternate link or way of accessing the data!

@BoRed79 @JavierReyna thank you for letting us know! Let me message you to debug.

Here are a few other ways to access the data set - we hope this helps everyone to be able to open the file and participate!


Please let us know if you continue to experience any issues accessing the data. Happy spreadsheeting!