Windows 10 Calendar, SR-Latn_BA - Wrong Initials for event organizer in attendees list

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  • Description of the issue encountered - Wrong initials for event organizer
  • Language affected - Serbian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Steps to reproduce the issue - Start to create new event in Calendar
  • Build Version # -  17.8600.40525.0 and 17.9029.22105.0

When new event is created, organizer is added to attendees list on the right side. However, initials are displayed incorrectly. Instead of "J" that corresponds to engl. "M" ( Ja, engl. Me) I would expect to see my real initials as I am logged as Dragan Panjkov to Windows and I create new event from my Microsoft Account. So in this case I would expect to see "DP" instead of "J"


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Hi @Dragan Panjkov many thanks for the reporting this and for entering our competition! Our team will investigate why this is happening and we will get back to you in our Competition PowerBI Dashboard