Calendar, SR-Latn_BA - New Event title inconsistent

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  • Description of the issue encountered - New Event Title improvement
  • Language affected - Serbian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Steps to reproduce the issue - Start to create new event in Calendar
  • Build Version # -  17.8600.40525.0 

When "Create New Event" is chosen in Calendar, event title in Window Title bar is set to "Nenaslovljeno - Događaj - Kalendar"  - this is awkward and too formal, as for the event name in Textbox we have "Ime događaja". It would be much better to have "Bez imena - Događaj - Kalendar" or "Događaj bez imena - Kalendar" instead of "Nenaslovljeno..." as that would be in line with the text in the textbox. So, word Nenaslovljeno should be changed.


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Hi @Dragan Panjkov many thanks for the reporting this and for entering our competition! Our team will investigate why this is happening and we will get back to you in our

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