The NEW Office 365 Roadmap Site is Live


The Office 365 Roadmap has moved to a new home, but the URL is not all that is changing! We are improving the experience on mobile devices and making it easier to quickly review details of roadmap items. By popular request, the items on the roadmap will also include a unique ID, which will be used in the Message Center communications as well. And don’t wFeaturey, we will redirect to the new site.


(Note: Due to an issue with the prior Office 365 Roadmap website, we made an emergency decision to proceed urgently with the new site. Accessibility fixes and ongoing improvements will be forthcoming.)


Feedback appreciated! What do you like? What do you hate?

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When I use the old url ( it fowards to a localized version of the site (in my case, The Netherlands nl-NL). There is no dutch version of the roadmap, so I get a 404 error message.

I dont like the hover boxes. Would rather see expanding, its just a bit wonky and harder to see and copy the text if needed.

I don't like how everytime I go I get a huge popup asking me to talk to a microsoft specialist.

Also I dont see a way to filter on certain terms (like I used to be able to filter on Groups to see everything going on with O365 Groups, but I cant find a quick link like that anywhere now unless im missing it)

Showing the description of the task on the hover is not nice. Actually there are glitches on the hover event, when I move my mouse up or down and place over a task, it actually shows the description of 1 or 2 other tasks traversed before showing the final one. IMO, we can show the description on the click.

I did a quick review of the new roadmap and noticed that it does not contain any planned items for Information Protection and Compliance (I know that this is not correct, so I hope the missing items are added soon )


The filters selections are very incomplete. I expect to see ALL of the Applications (Planner, PowerBI, Dynamics, Teams, Groups, StaffHub, PowerApps and FLow are missing). Education is not a service, nor is Information and Compliance. These seem to be miscategorized (maybe another category is needed).


It would be helpful if the filtering options and categories aligned better with the Admin Centers and the services listed on the Settings/Services page and the Business Plans (Small Business, Enterprise, Education, Government, etc),


We would benefit from a consistent information architecture across O365. The inconsistent use of terminology in different contexts makes communication much more difficult. Services, Business Plans (SKUs), Applications and Platforms are good top level categories that many people recognize.

I agree, hover boxes are not suitable

-To clean Search box you need to select and delete the text, why don't to add small icon (cross) to clean the search string (or i missed something?)

- FAQ gives the reference on bit outdated page

Adding to my first comment above: Great to see that the roadmap is getting a more permanent place within Microsoft. Great work you guys and girls are doing. Keep up the good work! :D

I'm not really a fan of arrows I can't click ;)

Those are always hidden by the hover overlay which is also something I don't particularly like since it makes it a bit harder than it should be to copy/paste text.



Moreover, Search requires you have to know exact text to search. For example, "Maps in Excel" gives correct result; "Maps Excel" or "Excel Maps" gives nothing.


In description of items were launched it's worth to add when they were launched (e.g. Feb 2016; or build number; whatever).


I'd love to see a roadmap for EM&S too - especially around ATA and Azure Information Protection.

@Rob Quickenden take a look at the Enterprise Mobility section of


You may also be interested in joining the Ask the Information Protection teams Yammer network at

Missing filter for Government tenants.

The popup to talk to a Specialist every time will guarantee I won't be going there in the future, regardless of the completeness of the information contained there.

It's basically impossible to copy anything from the new roadmap into a clipboard.


Additionally, the about-a-second delay between the appropriate popup shows is not very convenient.


I would welcome a non-modal side panel to show details if enough space is available.



Sorry this experience isnt working for you. I have tried scenarios to reproduce the reported situation, but have failed. Can you share additional details on the steps resulting in the page not found error? I have tried both in site navigation options and direct URL navigation. Thanks for your input so we can get this resolved.

I'll add my tuppence, I like that the roadmap is getting more attention but I find the layout unnecessarily awkward.  The hover mechanism makes it more difficult to move about and its a bit hit and miss to open the right item.   I'll look out for further improvements that make the navigation easier and more accessible.


I was trying to work out where the roadmap is linked to on, how would people discover it when browsing the site.  I eventually found it on IT Resources and clicking Manage (could be more prominent). There is a quick link 'New and upcoming features', which is currently a broken link incidentally.

Will cut you some slack as I see this was launched prematurely.... but the performance is shockingly slow (to the extent that I started thinking that the page had crashed entirely). Hope you're working on that as this is barely usable right now...

Agree with others, performance on the site is abysmal, especially when searching. I can see that the site has been updated to search as you type now (at least in *some* browsers), but is there really a need for the process to trigger on a single letter? My bet it this is one of the factors contributing to the slowness of the site, so I guess you might want to do a reasonable "3 chars min" or similar experience...

Thank you all very much for the feedback! It makes us better, and we are reviewing all of your comments with the web, infrastructure, and entire v-team.


We've addressed issues with redirecting URLs, particularly the localization problem. Some of the filters and items should have improved over the past few days, as we tweaked settings, as well. The transition was deeper than just the website UI, and we are much more agile now.


More to follow, and please keep the suggestions coming!

I entered a search term (SharePoint), I expanded the Rolling Out heading, then moved my mouse over the items, the pop-up displayed and never went away. This prevents me from expanding the In Development section.


More UI testing by the site devs is needed.


It should not be this difficult for the MS web site team to produce this type of app/web site.