Sharing folders from OneDrive for Business

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Yesterday I saw the possibility in one of my tenants that I could download a folder.
I saw another option. Sharing a folder to people with a link without logging in is now possible.


This is a great new update





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Have you actually tried it?

In my tests, the recipient is asked to login...

Yes, I just tried it. I am getting also a login prompt. But I see all the files from the folder. I can click on cancel and the prompt gets away and as a guest user I can open the files.






One a related issue, this new sharing dialog is breaking the "Shared with Me" by default, and only works when you select the last option in the dropdown menu.


Seeing this option always, it seems to be a preview feature so we can expect some issues there
By the way, no working for me...

it seems to be a preview feature so we can expect some issues there. Smiley Wink

Hi Maurits, it is a setting in Azure where you can set the shareing options and one of these is a setting.

Hi Paul,


I have no problems. I mentioned in my first post that it was possible to share folders with quest users out of your OneDrive and that wasn't possible until Yesterday for me.