Office 365 adoption content pack in Power BI preview!

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Yep, this was already announced at Ignite...I requested access to the preview last week and I have been accepted...waiting for next steps
me too got mail yesterday about it.

Been running this for about a month now and I love it and what it shows me.


Anybody else happen to notice that today, as we start a new month, that November just dropped off the site and off of all the display panels??

Ironically there is no adoption usage data for PowerBI in this preview!

 @Anne Michels


Is there a Release Date for public use of the Adoption Conent Pack yet? It was announced to be End of December. 

Or can I still join the preview (which closed mid October)?

Hi Bill,

Were still working on finalizing the content pack based on the feedback that we've received from preview participants and are currently targeting to release it to all customers in February/March.

We'll share more information on Office blog once available.



Please let us know when adoption available in our tenant


Were still working on finalizing the content pack and are currently targeting to release it to all customers in March/ April.

Well share more information on Office Blog and the roadmap channels once available.



Many thanks Anne, we are waiting for a great Dashboards to help clients adopting Office 365.

Thanks Anne for your information, hope it will actually be March/April (shifted one month compared to your January post). Will keep an eye on the blog and roadmap for sure.

All I can say is it will be worth the wait, so hang in there.  I have been using the preview and it's very good!



Eagerly awaiting

We hear you. We try to make new services and features available to customers as soon as possible but it’s critical of course that they provide high quality and address the needs of our customers. Thus, we sometimes need to push out releases to a later point than originally targeted. At this point, we're still planning to release the content pack for all customers in April.

Our management want to create report for office 365. Please let us know which report we can share with management. I thought we can create report with adoption


to instantiate the content pack, you'll have to be either a global admin or a workload admin (just like with the usage reports right now). We're also currently working on a reporting role that will become avaialble later in Q4. Admins will  be able to share the content pack with anybody in their org (view only) using the sharing capabilities of Power BI.



Yes I'm global admin to my company.  Whether adoption will help us to create better management report. I want to test it once it is released. 

Can someone help to create SLA report for office 365. Please let me know if there is any way to create this report

Please let us know if there is any option to create office365 sla report


such a report is not obtainable at this time, but we have shared your feedback with the engineering team.