Hightlight and Quote actions in OWA


This is something I havent seen before, but considering how often I use OWA probably old news by now. Still, the Quote action seems useful, the Highlight one can benefit from better color selection. Here's a screenshot:



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For sure @Tony Redmond can tell us if this is something new or old ^-^

I'm seeing Highlight for about one or two weeks only, however there is no Quote function is offered in my case:



It's new to me. Seems like a nice feature, even if I can find no trace of it on the Office 365 Roadmap.

Do you know if there a way to turn this feature off?  Since it showed up I am no longer able to copy text from emails since the popup steals the focus.


Common use case: someone emails me shipping information.  I can't copy the tracking number to paste it into the fedex tracking website since when I select the tracking number, the popup appears asking if I want to highlight or quote the tracking number.

Same here. Since this feature has been enabled it seems to be impossible to copy/paste selected information.

Use case: somebody sent me the IP-address needed for a DNS change. But now I have to type the address in the DNS control panel instead of pasting is. Not only is this annoying, it creates new and exciting opportunities for horrible errors.

Hmm... I just highlighted some text in a message (the quote/highlight controls were activated), pressed CTRL-C and was able to CTRL-V the highlighted text into Notepad...  Are you sure that you can't copy information from OWA?






Well, I *was* sure ... I had this issue for a few days now and got severely annoyed by it. 


But after posting my message here and a support call to Microsoft the issue suddenly vanished. I can now CTRL-C and CTRL-V like I used to.


Maybe I was having some severe personal copy/paste deficiency, or maybe somebody at Microsoft just fixed something....?

Kevin, this issue seems to have resolved itself in my OWA environment. Is this fixed for you as well?

Welcome to the cloud, where things happen and no one knows if, when, or why...