First published on on Jan 08, 2018
Today we’ve released an update to the Project ‘Honolulu’ technical preview. This is an incremental update from the last update on December 1st . We’ve added a couple top requested features in Virtual Machines and continued with the performance enhancements that lead to faster load times and page rendering. This build was previously released to Windows server insiders before the holidays.

If you have not yet tried Project “Honolulu”, visit the Windows Server Evaluations page to download. Those of you that are already using Honolulu will see a notification in the tool, as shown below:

New Functionality in this Release

Virtual Machines

Based on high customer request, we now support viewing and changing VM settings while a VM is running, similar to how you can in Hyper-V Manager. On Generation 2 VMs, you can change general settings, memory setting, checkpoint setting and add disks and network adapters.

You can also enable nested virtualization when creating a VM, or from the processor settings of an existing (stopped) VM. This is functionality that was previously only accessible from the command line.


Administrative events are now displayed.

Performance improvements

The new data grid control has been added to all core tools in the Server and Failover Cluster solutions. Check out how quickly the Events tool loads.

We have started rolling out a new tree control with the same scale and performance improvements as the new data grid. The new tree control is implemented in the Files and Registry tools.

Download today and give us your feedback!

If you haven’t already, download the Technical Preview of Project “Honolulu” and sign up for the Windows Insiders program so you can access the preview builds of Windows Server and Project “Honolulu”. You can also provide feedback via our UserVoice page .