In a special effort for Ignite 2020, we rolled out a few new Windows Server skilling videos that include product updates and best practices. Watch our product experts as they walk you through the latest and greatest capabilities with Windows Server, including running Windows Server on-premises, in a hybrid environment, in Azure and on the edge. Check them out below.



Skilling Session



Manage virtual machines using Windows Admin Center

Prasidh Arora

Discover the modern way to manage your on-premises Hyper-V virtual machines on Windows Server or Azure Stack HCI using the latest release of Windows Admin Center.

Sneak peek: Manage Windows Server in Azure using Windows Admin Center

Jeff Woolsey

Moving your server to the cloud? Bring the Windows Admin Center management tools you love with you! Access Windows Admin Center directly from within the Azure Portal, in private preview now.

What's new in System Center?

Dianna Marks

System Center 2019 update rollup 2 (UR2) was released in August 2020 and came with several enhancements. They include updates to operations manager (SCOM), virtual machine manager (VMM), and data protection manager (DPM). This skilling video walks through those enhancements with demos.

Product tour of the new Azure Stack HCI using Windows Admin Center

Matt McSpirit

This skilling video will teach you about the features and functionality of the new Azure Stack HCI managed with Windows Admin Center.

Jump-starting application containerization with Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI

Subodh Bhargava

AKS on Azure Stack HCI provides a great platform for customers looking into modernizing their applications on-premises while keeping Azure consistency. Currently, the process to get an existing application into a container can daunting. This session will show you how to use Windows Admin Center to simplify the modernization process by containerizing an existing legacy application in quick and easy steps. We will go over the process of extracting an application from a Windows Server 2012 R2, containerize the application using Windows Admin Center, and deploy it on AKS on Azure Stack HCI step by step!

What’s new with Azure Backup

Utsav Raghuvanshi

Azure Backup lets you protect your workloads, in the cloud and on-premises, against various accidental and malicious data loss scenarios. Watch this session to learn about the latest updates and announcements that will help you protect your data assets using simple, secure, and cost-effective solutions.

Minimize business disruption with Backup and Disaster Recovery on Azure

Gagan Gupta

Learn how Azure enables BCDR through Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery, allowing you to quickly recover from catastrophic application failures, and restore your data when its corrupted or lost like in a Ransomware attack.


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