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Are you an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 Admin? The new Microsoft 365 admin center is built for IT teams as a simplified way to manage your Microsoft 365 and Office 365 services. The Admin center provides a tailored experience based on the unique needs of your role or organization, improves efficiency for everyday tasks, and provides actionable insights that help you make data-driven decisions to deliver a better experience for your users.




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We recently localised the new admin experience which is currently in preview mode (it released October 2018). Currently Admins can choose to Opt-In to the new experience via Admin Dashboard. Before it officially releases as a default experience for Admin users in the coming months, we would like to learn from you as Office 365 Admin/ITPro experts. Is the Microsoft 365 admin center ready for your market? It is working as you would expect. How would you improve it or make it better from a user experience perspective? Could the translation of the new admin center be improved? For more details of the new experience and what features have been updated in this preview to focus on please read this article. We would love you to tell us about your experience using the following areas:


  • New Homepage Dashboard
    • Left Navigation
    • Homepage cards
    • Card Library
    • Search Box
  • User Management
  • Settings - > Services and Add Ins page only
  • Billing & Subscription:
  • Subscription management (renamed to - Products and Services)
  • Purchase Services (billing -> Purchase)
    • Test out payment methods for your market? Are they suitable?
    • Can you update your credit card details easily?
    • Can you add your VAT or Tax ID easily?

The Microsoft 365 Admin Center is available the following languages:


  1. Arabic
  2. Basque
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Catalan
  5. Chinese Simplified
  6. Chinese Traditional
  7. Croatian
  8. Czech
  9. Danish
  10. Dutch
  11. English
  12. Estonian
  13. Finnish
  14. French
  15. Galician
  16. German
  17. Greek
  18. Hebrew
  19. Hungarian
  20. Indonesian
  21. Italian
  22. Japanese
  23. Korean
  24. Latvian
  25. Lithuanian
  26. Norwegian
  27. Polish
  28. Portuguese (Brazilian)
  29. Portuguese (Portugal)
  30. Romanian
  31. Russian
  32. Serbian (Cyrillic)
  33. Serbian Latin
  34. Slovak
  35. Slovenian
  36. Spanish
  37. Swedish
  38. Thai
  39. Turkish
  40. Ukrainian
  41. Vietnamese


How to enter this competition... 

Tell us what you think of the Microsoft 365 Admin center by clicking “Start a new conversation” in the Competition space of the Office International Community. Provide your feedback with some details and then click “post”. Of course, the more details you can share, the better! Please give us the: 


  • Description of the issue encountered or suggested improvement in your conversation title
  • Language affected
  • Current translation (if applicable)
  • Suggested translation and reason(s) for change
  • Corresponding English Text (if known and applicable):
  • Suggestion to improve the user experience
  • Screenshot of the issue
  • Steps to reproduce the issue

We’ll be giving away three $100 Amazon vouchers to 3 competition winners.


Contest Prizes 

  • 1st prize for Highest creation of new, original and valid feedback posts on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center– Amazon voucher to the value of $100
  • 1st prize for best new, original feedback post with largest impact to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center from a user experience perspective– Amazon voucher to the value of $100
  • 1st prize for best new, original feedback post with largest impact to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center from a localization perspective– Amazon voucher to the value of $100

M365 Admin Center.png

Please also invite your friends or colleagues who are Office or Microsoft 365 Admins to participate and share the competition on social media! Please also read the official rules attached before entering!

Should you enter best of luck and thanks in advance to everyone who participates!


P.S. These instructions can be found in Japanese here