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We're back with another addition to Support Diagnostics for Microsoft Teams.  @João Loureiro has written our third offering in the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer, the Meeting Recording test.   


This new Diagnostic will help you troubleshoot and test if you meet requirements to record a Teams meeting.  If you recently attempted to record a Teams meeting or group call and you were unable to, for example the Recording button was greyed out, you should use this diagnostic to help you troubleshoot.  


To access the new diagnostic, navigate to Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer, select Microsoft Teams, then click on the Teams Meeting Recording Test.  


You'll need to enter valid credentials of an affected account. Optionally you can specify the Teams Meeting URL you are planning to record. Keep in mind your end users can also perform these tests, you do not need to be an Administrator of your tenant.  In some scenarios you'll want to work with your impacted end user to run the tests and collect additional data for Microsoft Support.  


At a high level the test checks a couple things:

  • The user is licensed and fully provisioned for Teams
  • The user is enabled for cloud meeting recording
  • Recordings saved to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint or Microsoft Stream
  • If recordings configured to use Stream will check if user is within valid region for streaming
  • The user as permissions to record provided Teams Meeting URL

You'll also want to go over the following documents carefully when configuring Teams cloud meeting recording

Teams cloud meeting recording

Use OneDrive for Business and SharePoint or Stream for meeting recordings

Record a meeting in Teams


Please give the new diagnostic a try if you're having trouble with Teams Meetings Recording and let us know if it helped?


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