Malware detection in real-time, Co-authored with @Anisha Gupta 


In the digital transformation process, every enterprise is striving to balance security and productivity. Recent developments pushed the envelope to deliver secure remote work scenarios to employeesSecurity admins must protect their employees and assets, both by securing their sensitive data and preventing attacks. 


In addition to protecting information in corporate environments, admins can leverage automated session policies to detect potentially malicious data and stop attackers in their tracks. This feature leverages an integration between Cloud App Security and Microsoft Threat Intelligence. Microsoft Threat Intelligence determines file reputation by combining signals from several attack vectors such as identities, endpoints, and cloud apps in response to the changing threat landscape and returns a verdict on each file to Cloud App Security. 



What employees would see: Action Malware ActionMalware


What admins would deploy Session Policy for Malware 



What admins would see:  Activity Log 


Protecting your organization and users from malware is essential in the modern digital transformation journey that customers are on today. The powerful integration between Cloud App Security and Microsoft Threat Intelligence is part of Microsoft’s commitment to best in class security for every customer.  


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