Looking for Windows Server 2019 training resources? Here are the latest Microsoft Learn modules, ranging from introductory to advanced topics!

Select Windows Server editions, servicing options, and activation
This module describes the different editions of Windows Server 2019 (Essentials, Standard, Datacenter and Hyper-v) and when to use each. It explains the different servicing channels, for environments that need a longer-term operating system with less frequent updates (often important in industries like healthcare and manufacturing). Then you'll learn about licensing and activation and how to implement automatic activation for your new virtual machines.

Describe Windows Server administration tools
This module describes the latest tools for managing your servers, including a demonstration of Windows Admin Center, a description of the traditional Server Manager tool, the supported capabilities of Remote Server Administration Tools and an overview of Windows PowerShell. You'll see a scenario of using Windows PowerShell to remotely administer a server. This content is great for people with a Windows Server administration background who want to understand what modern management tools are now available and when they can be used.

Orchestrate containers on Windows Server using Kubernetes
Curious about containers? Here you will learn how container orchestration can be used to automate and manage large numbers of containers and the architecture and common terms used by Kubernetes (a popular container orchestration tool). You'll step through how to create a Kubernetes cluster on Windows. Then you'll discover how Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes can help you take advantage of Microsoft Azure tooling for your on-premises clusters and how to connect them.


Implement Windows Server DNS
A core networking feature, Domain Name System is explained in this module - how it works, what zones and records are
and how to create them. You'll also about DNS forwarding, that sends requests on to other DNS servers when appropriate.


Manage advanced features of AD DS
Active Directory Domain Services can be used in a simple structure to hold user and computer accounts, but what if you're environment is large or complicated? This module explains trust relationships between different AD DS forests, what Enhanced Security Administrative Environment (ESEA) forests are, how to create custom AD partitions and how to monitor and troubleshoot Active Directory replication.

Implement Group Policy objects
In this module, you'll learn about what Group Policy objects do - how they are scoped and inherited, how to configure a domain-based GPO, what containers and templates are and how administrative templates can be used to control operating systems and the user experience.

Manage Windows Server file servers 

For keeping files local and shared on the network, file shares on Windows Server have some key considerations. Learn about file system types, File Server Resource Manager, the SMB protocol and how Volume Shadow Copy Service works for actioning file backups.

Implement remote access
This module focuses on securely enabling remote access to files, applications and web apps on Windows Server. Learn how to manage remote access, set up VPNs, plan and enforce network access policies, plan for digital certificates and use Web Application Proxy.,

Deploy Windows Server
Learn the key elements of a Windows Server deployment - compare Server Core with the Desktop experience, understand the hardware requirements, choose your deployment option and explore some tools that help with your deployments. This module also describes features on demand and using Windows Deployment Services.

Implement IP Address Management
The IPAM framework provides a way of discovering, auditing and managing the IP address space of your network, including IPv6 addresses. This module teaches you how to deploy IPAM, configure its administration, configure IPAM options using Group Policy and then how to manage DNS zones, DHCP servers and IP addressing.

Implement and manage Active Directory Certificate Services
This module explains the concept of certificates and PKI. You'll learn about different certification authorities and how to manage certificate enrolment, revocation and trusts.


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Want to find all of these from one page? I've created a public collection for Windows Server 2019 content on Microsoft Learn that I'll keep updated as more modules are published. You can find it here AND it will track how much of this content you have completed: Windows Server 2019


You can also find detailed documentation at Get started with Windows Server 2019. 


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