If you’re lucky enough to own a Windows Mobile-powered Smartphone (like the Motorola MPx200), there’s one cool little function that isn’t altogether obvious. Like most handsets, Smartphones have various profiles between which you can switch (Normal, Silent, Meeting, that kind of thing). You can see which profile you’ve currently selected on the home screen, and can change it by moving the cursor on the home screen down to the Profile line and hitting the select button. When you do this, you’ll see all the available profiles, and have the option (on the right hand soft button) to Edit the profile (changing the volume of the ring tones etc).

One of the profiles is called ‘Automatic’, and when you select the Edit option for that profile, the following text is displayed:

                        The Automatic profile
                        switches between the
                        Normal profile and the
                        Meeting profile when the
                        calendar indicates that the
                        current time is busy.

So when you switch the phone to Automatic, it won’t ring during your meetings! And all because you’ve synched it with your Exchange server… the Magic of Software :)

Ewan Dalton

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