Half of my clients cant connect to Azure Virtual Desktop Hostpool after Windows Update

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We have clients that experience issues connecting to their hostpool (via Remote Desktop Client)

Error code 0x3000049


It seems like the problem was related to the people who updated their local PC during the weekend.



Our client usally never opens Remote Desktop Client, they just use the shortcuts on their desktops. 

So by manually opening it and updating it i solved the problem. Atleast for now, i will keep this updated in case something happens again.


Is this a common issue? 


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I think this is going to be a big problem. One of my clients has this issue this morning but doesn’t seem like the client will update, so all users are unable to access currently. I’m troubleshooting..
Yes depending if your users is local admin or not this might be a problem.
i had to do this for them manually. How come this remote desktop client dont auto update??
Exactly. I don’t think it’s a user application so it will need admin rights. Shame there is no service that does this like other apps. Also, where’s the documentation says that they are going to deny connections for certai. Versions of the client! If MS are going to do this they need to add JR to a roadmap somewhere! Would like to know if it’s published somewhere..
Yes... First i thought this maybe had something to do with TLS 1.2, but still cant find any documentation on it. Had to wake up 2 h earlier for this!!!!