Announcing public preview of Windows Virtual Desktop service metadata storage in Europe


We are excited to announce the public preview of storing service metadata in Windows Virtual Desktop in the Europe geography. This feature allows customers to choose West Europe and North Europe as regions to create their service objects in. The Azure geography associated with these regions is where the metadata for the host pool and other service objects will be stored.


With this update, Windows Virtual Desktop supports storing metadata in the following geographies:

  • United States (US) (Generally available)
  • Europe (EU) (Public preview)     

Getting started:

To get the latest list of supported regions, re-register the resource provider:

  • On the Azure portal, go to Subscriptions and select the relevant subscription.
  • Select Resource Provider.
  • Select Microsoft.DesktopVirtualization, then select Re-register from the action menu.

When you re-register the resource provider, you won't see any specific UI feedback or update status. The re-registration process also won't interfere with your existing environments.


To create a host pool, follow the instructions here : Windows Virtual Desktop host pool Azure portal - Azure | Microsoft Docs as before. The new regions will be displayed when you click on the “Location” drop down.



Learn more about Azure geographies at the Azure datacenter map.


The following documentation links will be updated shortly:

Data locations for Windows Virtual Desktop - Azure | Microsoft Docs

Windows Virtual Desktop host pool Azure portal - Azure | Microsoft Docs

Windows Virtual Desktop environment host pool creation - Azure | Microsoft Docs

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@Pavithra Thiruvengadam 


Is there any way to move an existing Host Pool's meta-data from the US to the EU, or do we have to build afresh?

@garymansell You cannot move or migrate service objects (and hence the metadata) from one geography to another. You will need to recreate the objects.

Could it be that this location of Metadata also provides some issues for Clients? I am having an issue where a MAC user get an orchestration error (0x5000056) running the latest MAC client. The user has access to 3 host pools and one of the host pools is using the West Europe location for pool metadata. This is the only pool where the user gets this issue.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Ronald, could you send me an activity ID for your failed orchestration as a DM?

@Ronald van Ackooij Did you get this solved? I also am having this issue with Mac users but with 1 host VM in 1 region.  On Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.6.8 (1914) on macOS 10.15.7.  I removed an application from an application group then re-added it because of a version update below is the only real error I can find in Insights.  Client gets "Unable to connect" "We couldn't connect to the managed resource because of an orchestration error. If this keeps happening, contact your network administrator for assistance.  Error code 0x5000056"  . Also got this on an Android device but dong a workspace refresh corrected the issue.


{"DisconnectCodeSymbolic":"SSL_ERR_NO_CREDENTIAL","DisconnectOperation":"ClientRDPConnect","DisconnectMessage":"SSL: no credential","DisconnectCode":"0x1f07","IsInternal":"True","DisconnectSource":"Client"}