Data Warehouse Migrations to Dedicated SQL Pools in Azure Synapse Analytics

Published May 24 2022 03:51 PM 2,275 Views

With the plethora of benefits that cloud migration offers, customers look for steps, process, and guidelines that they can follow for quick and easy migrations from their existing data warehouse environments. We just released a set of Data Warehouse migration guides to make your transition easier to dedicated SQL Pools in Azure Synapse Analytics.  


The Data Warehouse Migration Guide provides the tips and best practices to adapt which helps migrating the workloads to dedicated SQL pools easier. 


The Synapse migration guide for Teradata and IBM Netezza contains the following: 

  1. Design and Performance – The key focus of this section includes the design differences between the On-premises source and Azure Synapse Analytics. The performance tuning approaches that are needed to be adapted earlier on in the migration process is elaborated. 
  2.  ETL and load Migration considerations – This section highlights the initial decisions to be considered for ETL and Data Migrations along with the best migration approach that needs to be adapted to minimize the risk and impact on customers. 
  3. Security, access, and Operations for Migrations – This section describes methods to connect and migrate to Dedicated SQL Pools in Azure Synapse Analytics. Also included are workload management and automation considerations for housekeeping tasks that can be automated and monitored.
  4. Visualization and Reporting - This section provides guidance on migrating dashboards and reports. 
  5. Minimize SQL Issues for Migrations – This section has recommendations to simplify the task of migrating the code (Stored procedures, DDL, DML, etc). 
  6. Microsoft and 3rd Party Tools – This section details the different Microsoft tools along with all the Microsoft Partner tools that can be leveraged to easily migrate the existing data warehouse to Azure Synapse Analytics. 
  7. Implementing Modern Data Warehouse – This section describes how customers can leverage other technologies within the Microsoft analytical eco-system to modernize their Data Warehouses. 


Data Warehouse Migration Guide will not only help to migrate the workloads easily and quickly to dedicated SQL pools in Azure Synapse Analytics, but also provides guidance on the most optimized approach that can be adapted for migrations centered around Security. Check out the Data Warehouse Migration guides and embark on your journey into Azure Synapse Analytics. 


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