Bluware and Microsoft Azure develop OSDU-enabled interactive AI seismic interpretation solution


Written by Kadri Umay, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft


This blog post has been co-authored by Kapil Raval, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft.


Bluware, which develops cloud-native solutions to help oil and gas operators to increase exploration and production workflow productivity through deep learning by enabling geoscientists to deliver faster and smarter decisions about the subsurface and today announced its collaboration with Microsoft for its next-generation automated interpretation solution, InteractivAI™, which is built on the Azure implementation of the OSDU™ Data Platform.


The two companies are working together to provide comprehensive solutions combining Microsoft Cloud implementation of OSDU™ Data Platform with Bluware’s subsurface knowledge. As the world’s energy companies retool for the future, they are juggling priorities between new forms of energy, carbon emissions, and maintaining the growing demand for fossil fuels. Innovative solutions such as cloud computing and machine learning are playing an important role in this transition.


To address an energy super major’s seismic interpretation challenges, Bluware is providing an interactive deep learning solution that runs natively on Azure, called InteractivAI™.


InteractivAI™ is utilized by the organization’s exploration and reservoir development teams to accelerate seismic interpretations and improve results by assisting geoscientists in identifying geological and geophysical features that may have been previously missed, incorrectly interpreted, or simply too time-consuming to interpret.


Using a data-centric approach, the application is unique in its ability, allowing users to train and infer simultaneously. Imagine running deep learning in real-time where the interpreter is providing feedback that the operator can actually see as the network suggests on-the-fly interpretations. This even includes results on data that is either not readily visible to the human eye or very difficult to see. This interactive workflow delivers more precise and comprehensive results in hours compared to months resulting in higher quality exploration and reservoir development.


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