How to monitor your Kubernetes clusters – Best Practices Series




Get best practices on how to monitor your Kubernetes clusters from field experts in this episode of the Kubernetes Best Practices Series. In this intermediate level deep dive, you will learn about monitoring and logging in Kubernetes from Dennis Zielke, Technology Solutions Professional in the Global Black Belts Cloud Native Applications team at Microsoft.

Multi-cluster view from Azure Monitor
Azure Monitor provides a multi-cluster view showing the health status of all monitored AKS clusters deployed across resource groups in your subscriptions. It shows AKS clusters discovered that are not monitored by the solution. Immediately you can understand cluster health, and from here you can drill down to the node and controller performance page, or navigate to see performance charts for the cluster. For AKS clusters discovered and identified as unmonitored, you can enable monitoring for that cluster at any time.

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Will be really cool to start seeing some of these Monitoring AKS Solutions start to really dive into the Application Monitoring side.

I.e. how can i pair up the full Azure Monitor Stack

@LachlanWhite  If you don't have a Microsoft Azure Subscription yet, start here 


More information about Microsoft Azure monitor : 


Lot of success !