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With so many Azure customers relying on native Azure network security tools to secure their networks and applications, it is clear that there is a demand for more information on this topic. We are here to deliver just that. My team is dedicated to helping customers deploy and get the most out of Azure Network Security services, and we will be using Tech Community to amplify our voices.


What are the Azure Network Security services?NetSec.png

Azure network security is a set of native services meant to secure cloud and hybrid networks using the Zero Trust approach. To narrow it down, the primary tools we will cover here are Azure Firewall and Firewall Manager, Azure DDoS Protection, and Azure WAF. Yes, we’re aware that WAF deals with Application Security and not as much Network Security, but we’re bringing the concepts together. Web applications are delivered over networks, right?


Naturally while we are concentrating on these core services, that does not mean others will not be discussed. Quite the opposite, in fact. Building a secure Azure network can involve a vast array of resources. Expect attention to also be paid to Azure Bastion, Network Watcher, NSGs, as well as core networking components ranging from Route Tables to Virtual WAN.


Here’s a quick introduction to our primary tools for those that are unfamiliar:


Azure FirewallFirewall.png

Azure Firewall is the Azure-native PaaS firewall. Not to be confused with NSGs or resource firewalls on other PaaS services, Azure Firewall is built to be a centrally deployed and managed service that handles all the traffic from your regional deployments. Being a PaaS service, it auto-scales to accommodate increasingly demanding workloads, and it can be managed using the tools and methods you are already using to deploy and manage other resources – CLI, API, ARM, or whichever combination of abbreviations suits you best.


Azure Firewall is meant to perform all the same functions as most Network Virtual Appliances (NVAs), including segmenting east-west traffic within your VNets and controlling inbound and outbound traffic. Learn more in the docs.


Azure Firewall ManagerFirewallManager.png

Firewall Manager is a service that serves a growing number of purposes. First, it allows for easy management of multiple Azure Firewalls. By abstracting the Firewall Policy away from each individual Firewall, you can use Firewall Manager to assign a central set of policies to one or many Firewalls across the globe. Additionally, Firewall Manager can be used to manage security services in Azure VWAN Hubs, which can either be more Azure Firewalls or third-party services such as Zscaler and iboss.


Read the docs to get the full story on Firewall Manager.


Azure WAFWAF.png

Azure Web Application Firewall, as the name implies, is a firewall specifically meant to inspect web application traffic. Azure WAF can be attached to Application Gateway, Front Door, or CDN. There are some differences based on which service WAF is attached to, but the major function is the same – WAF analyzes decrypted traffic to match every request against its rules. These rules can consist of managed rulesets that look for common attacks found in the OWASP Top 10, bot protection rulesets that can block known malicious bot traffic, and custom rules that can look for various combinations of patterns.


To learn more, read some more docs.


Azure DDoS Protection StandardDDoSProtection.png

Every resource that lives in an Azure data center benefits from the inbuilt platform-level DDoS Protection. Our DDoS Protection infrastructure is in place to ensure the availability of each Azure region, and this protection is inherited by every Azure service. For customers that need to ensure that their workloads are protected against every attack, DDoS Protection Standard is available to tune the protection mechanisms to each individual workload. Along with Standard comes several other features, which include cost protection for resources that auto-scale during an attack, high-priority support during attacks, and some great logging to feed to your SOC.


This is the final time in this post that docs will be read.


GitHub RepositoryGitHub-Mark-120px-plus.png


There has been such an appetite among our customers for useful technical content that we decided to create a GitHub repo just for Azure network security. Find it at You will find a combination of scripts, Policies, KQL queries, ARM templates, Azure Monitor Workbooks, and other odds and ends. Our goal is to make everything as useful as possible to take the guess work out of using our tools.


We encourage contributions from the community, so if you have something you think may be useful to others, don’t hesitate to fork and send us a pull request. Even if you don’t wish to contribute, please leave us feedback and suggestions for new content to create; we strive for continuous improvement. If you have suggestions or feedback regarding specific product features, please use Azure User Voice. Yes, we do monitor it and use the feedback when planning features.


Tech Community Plans


This has been a quick introductory post to share this team’s focus and areas of interest. We have lots of ideas for things to share in the future based on our experience with customers, but we also want to listen to the feedback we receive here. If there is something you would like to know more about, please leave a comment here or post about it in the Network Security conversations space.



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