Azure WAF Security Protection and Detection Lab now Available


Azure Web Application Firewall Security Protection and Detection Lab is now available

The intent of this lab is to allow customers to easily test and validate the security capabilities of Azure WAF against common web application vulnerabilities/attacks.  A significant amount of work has been put into developing the lab environment and the playbooks for our customers, and we are incredibly proud of the teamwork, collaboration, and support throughout the various stages of the process.


The lab is now available on Azure Tech Community blog space and is organized in 5 sections.  The step by step instructions in the lab allows anyone to rapidly deploy the lab environment and test Azure WAF’s protection capabilities against common web application attacks such as Reconnaissance, Cross-Site Scripting, and SQL Injection with no or minimal know-how of offensive security testing methodology.  The lab also demonstrates how to use Azure WAF Workbook to understand how WAF handles malicious traffic and payloads.


Click here for a Tutorial Overview an introduction to the testing framework used in the lab, and the four-part instructions one the lab setup.


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