To display data in an Iot application from a non-writable smart device

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Hello All,


I was exploring IoT Central and while doing so, I figured that to connect the device with IoT Central, the user needs to write some amount of code in the device. Since I am a software developer, I am not capable of writing code in the hardware.


Please guide me regarding this - Is it possible to read the device's data from IoT Central without writing code in it? Or do we have any other service that provides the same functionality ? Is there any way possible where I can connect my application to a smart device which is non-writable ?

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Hello @salomi_edward 

If the device data is in JSON format (or in a json wrapper), you can just connect the device to IoT Central and view it in the Raw data view. This link can also help with troubleshooting. Can you share the format of your device data?

The data is in Json format, and there is no issue in connectivity. I have a code running which generates simulated data and the data can be seen in charts.

My issue is, I want to imply the same on the device but my device is not writable so I can not install the packages/libraries in my device's code. Is there a way possible to read the devices data without having to write on it?

Format of data:

Data = {
'id': '567888'
'value' : {
'current': 3,
'temperature': 35

To read the device data, you should be able to either
1. Connect the device directly to your IoT Central application or
2. Send device data to a IoT Central device bridge or an Edge module where you can process the device data and then send the transformed data to IoT Central.