To build good Maps data, it takes a village: the Azure Maps feedback tool is in public preview


Azure Maps data feedback tool ( is now in public preview. For customers that are using Azure maps directly or indirectly via other IoT products they can now go to the tool to report missing or incorrect map data.

Why is the tool needed and what is it?

Azure Maps has generally been available since May 2018, providing fresh map data, easy-to-use REST APIs, and powerful SDKs to support our enterprise customers on a variety of business use cases. The real world is changing every second and it’s crucial for us to provide a factual digital representation to our customers. Our customers that are planning to open or close facilities need to ensure our maps are updated promptly so that they can efficiently plan for delivery, maintenance, or customer service at the right facilities. We have created the Azure Maps data feedback tool to empower our customers to provide direct data feedback. Customers’ data feedback goes directly to our data providers and their map editors who can quickly evaluate and incorporate feedback into our mapping products.


Azure Maps Data feedback tool provides an easy way for our customers to provide map data feedback, especially on business points of interest and residential addresses.

How to use it?

We've recently published a how-to article that guides users on how to provide different kinds of feedback using the Azure Maps feedback tool.

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