ThreadX CAN BUS support

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Dear Sir/Madam,




I thank you very much for establishing excellent embedded systems development environment with ThreadX, fileX, USBX, GUIX etc.


We would like to use your tools with NXP i.mxrt117x series of processors for simple IVI/Cluster device. I wonder if threadX supports CAN BUS directly or indirectly over CMSIS functions?


Thanks and best regards.


Mehmet Ali Ipin.

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hi@Maliipinankasys The NXP MCUXpresso SDK provides a (commercial grade) CANOpen stack library that can be used together with ThreadX RTOS for free. You can go to to get the latest copy of SDK. 

best response confirmed by OlivierBloch (Microsoft)

The version provided with SDK is feature-limited, you can contact vendor for full feature version or you can also choose open sources CANopen implementation such as or, both are RTOS agnostic.




Dear @neo_xiong 


Thank you very much for your informations. 


Best rgards..

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