Medical Device Management System

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I have designed a Medical Device Management System that can be hosted as follows

The Medical Device Management System can be used:

  • BizTalk On-premise – only
  • BizTalk On-premise – Azure Hybrid
  • Azure only
  • Open source On-premise – only
  • Open source On-premise – Azure Hybrid

BizTalk Server 2020 is able to receive device twins and transform them into HL7 FHIR Observation Resources.  I have developed an MQTT adapter which allows BizTalk to become an Edge Device. In addition, I am developing  PowerShell and SSH adapters. I am using the open-source  Azure FHIR Server. 


The solution is in Alignment with the SDPi+FHIR Device Interoperability Project
Application of IEEE 11073 Service-oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) standards with HL7 FHIR
to support medical and health device interoperability across multiple use contexts and
applications that interact with and consume information from devices.
This includes regulated (medical) and non-regulated (health) devices.
Software as a Medical Device (SAMD) and health apps are to be supported.

Device informatics/interoperability standardization has been progressing in parallel within
HL7 Devices, IHE Devices, and IEEE 11073 Standards Committee.
Although these efforts are generally well-coordinated, there is an increasing need to ensure
strong linkages between the specifications, especially between FHIR and IEEE 11073 SDC.
The latter is tailored for the most acute, medical-grade device connectivity applications (e.g.,
operating room and ICU), including service-oriented plug-and-play and medical content
reporting, alerting, and external control (including closed-loop clinical apps/SAMD).
FHIR supports interoperability across the broad landscape of health information exchange,
including the integration of device-sourced content and services.
This project ensures the coordinated and cohesive development of FHIR profiles, extensions
and implementation guides, as well as SDC-based IHE profiles to enable the next generation of
device interoperability standardization


The following is a high-level diagram of the on-premise version.



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